Mini MK2 Citroen and Peugeot EP6DT, EP6DTS, N12B16A, N14B16A. Connecting rods ZRP

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Connecting rods ZRP I beam for Peugeot, Citroen and Mini MK2, engine 1600 16V EP6DT, EP6DTS, N12B16A, N14B16A..


  • Steel 4340 and screws ARP2000.
  • Length: 138,5mm.
  • Connecting rods bing-end: 48mm.
  • Connecting rods small-end: 20mm.
  • Weight 458 gr


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Based in Greece's largest port (Piraeus), we can provide motor sports enthusiasts with high-quality racing components for light to extreme applications at an unbeatable price.

Forged connecting rods standard series:

An economical price but without compromising quality and performance. The shape is optimized in the function of the model, some come in the form of H and others in the form of I. Depending on the application, turbo or atmospheric, the design is customized for weight and rigidity.

Forged connecting rods series HEAVY DUTY:

Constructed from the best raw materials with a specially optimized shape and 3/8 "screws in all applications, the design of these applications has been developed for each application individually in order to optimize the design according to each engine.


Constructed from the best raw materials with a specially optimized shape, it adapts to 3/8 "L19 screws in all applications.The 817M40T steel is a steel with a hardness that is in the range 248/302 HB. 817M40T - EN24T can be further surface-hardened to create components with enhanced wear resistance by induction or nitriding processing

Forged crankshafts:

The ZRP crankshafts are manufactured from 4340 steel. The crankshaft production process consists of very correct inspections so that you have the best quality and tolerances for a perfect fit.

  • Heat treatment in several stages.
  • ION nitriding (plasma) for hardening.
  • Heat treatment for superior resistance to wear.
  • Magna flux for an impeccable surface finish.
  • Shot blasting to release stress
  • Micro-polished for longer bearing life.
  • Finally, some sound and X-ray tests are presented to guarantee a reliable final product.