Athena Head gasket Ford Focus MK3 and Fiesta ST 180 Ecoboost

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Athena cylinder head gasket for Ford Focus MK3 and Fiesta ST Ecoboost. Engine code JTJA, HXJA, HXJB. Year 2010 onwards.


  • Diameter 80 mm, thickness 1 mm.


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Athena is a group of 7 companies founded in 1973, all of them operate according to UNI EN ISO 9002 quality standards.

The joints consist of 2-5 layers of steel sheets of different compositions and covered by an elastomer layer that gives excellent sealing properties. Reliefs around the combustion chambers and the oil / coolant conduits increase the local sealing pressure (Macro sealing), while over the entire surface there are partial elastomer liners that provide additional sealing (Micro sealing).

Athena MLS joints are manufactured from high quality 301 stainless steel. Each layer is laser cut and embossed with an optimized forming process. All cylinder head gaskets go through a stress relieving process to significantly reduce the formation of induced stress.

All Athena joints receive a two part polymer coating after the stress relief in the outer layers. This coating ensures the micro sealing properties for the oil / engine coolant and is able to withstand a variety of harsh environments caused by engine heat cycles.