Renault Clio y R19 16V F7P F7R Head gasket JE PRO SEAL

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Head gasket JE PRO SEAL (MLS) for Renault Clio, R19 1800cc / 2000cc 16V, engine code F7P / F7R.


Diameter 83mm o 84mm.

Thickness 1,30mm.


Delivery time may vary depending on stock, please inquire.

JE Pro Seal has been the leader in the piston industry for decades. Its high-performance products are mounted on the NASCAR, NHRA, Le Mans Series and other top-level professional racing engines. Rely on the same engineering and experience to seal your engine with JE Pro Seal multi-protection steel cylinder head gaskets. Your product line is full of exclusive features you will not find on any other board.

Raw Materials:
All JE Pro Seal seals are made with the finest raw materials available, including AISI 304 stainless steel. JE uses laser cutting technology and multi-stamping technologies to ensure the highest quality seals. In addition, all layers of multi-layer steel joints are cut individually to optimize performance.
Coating Technologies:
Multiple layers are used to maximize the seal between the surfaces of the cylinder head and the block. The JE Coating process provides 100% encapsulation of all exposed metal, providing you superior protection compared to other brands.
Optimized relief:
The advanced stamping process in JE's multi-layer joints optimizes the radius of curvature in crucial areas. The result is a reduction in the points of tension, improving the conformation capacity in the contact zone, which is much better than the competition.
Stress Stabilization:
This patented annealing process significantly reduces the formation of induced stress. Hardness and brittleness are reduced, greater flexibility and less deformation are achieved. This process dramatically increases the long-term durability and reliability of each cylinder head gasket.