Megasquirt 3 V3

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Megasquirt original bowling & Grippo, MS3 processor and V3 board.


  • Connection via USB and RS232, we recommend RS232
  • Memory card slot, card not included
  • Connectors Included
  • Load in Speed Density (MAP sensor), Alpha-n (TPS position), MAF (flow meter) or mixtures between them
  • Additional card (optional) with 8 injection outputs for high impedance injectors and 8 ignition outputs (valid for most digital coils, see your coil model. With normal coils you will need an external amplifier module), allows sequential injection and ignition in motors 8 cylinders
  • 16x16 Maps fuel and ignition, can be expanded to 16x32 or 32x16
  • Fuel map with variations of 0,1 in the volumetric efficiency and ignition with variations of 0,1º
  • Combination of 4 Maps 16 x 16 fuel and ignition maps in different types of fuels and load, alpha-n, speed density, MAF, etc..
  • 8 fuel maps 5 x 5 and 8 ignition maps 5 x 5, to correct fue l and ignition variations between the cylinders
  • Start of injection from 0º to 720º fixed or variable per map of 12 x 12 
  • Two different fuel maps, ignition and Boost Control, via switch
  • 2 Maps 8 x 8 boost control
  • Closed loop Ratio air/fuel control
  • Closed loop Boost Control
  • Closed loop Idle.
  • Idle valves PWM 2 or 3 wires and IAC 4 wire.
  • 2D or 3D programmable outputs.
  • Traction control
  • Launch control fixed or adjustable an Cut-Off
  • Map for adjusting methanol pump by PWM
  • Boost control adjustable via potentiometer, speed or even gears
  • Anti-lag
  • Alternator control
  • Control variable valve timing and On-Off
  • Shift Cut with independent 6-step programmable timing for sequential boxes
  • Free download adjustment program
  • Program of acquisition of data of free download
  • Test mode to check the operation of all outputs with the engine stopped, petrol pump, injectors, coils, valves and solenoids, etc ...
  • Many more features

To have 100% of the features you need the expansion board. Some features may not work in conjunction with others. Some features may require additional circuits external to the ECU. 


The units are sent configured to what the client indicates. No unit is shipped with a finished motor map, they all need an adjustment to the motor in which they are installed, even more when there are modifications. In fact this is what is sought when installing one of our units, adjusting the engine to its modifications or manage systems that with the unit of origin would not be possible. Of course this costs more time, but the results are usually better.


The Megasquirt engine management started as the units with an educational character, they maintain it, over time they have become management units that have the same characteristics as other brands, in some cases higher, much cheaper price and without any restriction Just look at the characteristics offered by each model and the number of fuel and ignition adjustment maps offered.

MegaSquirt® power units are not approved for emission regulations. They are designed for competition vehicles that do not run on public roads, old vehicles that do not comply with emission standards and training centers where teachers can teach students the operation of an engine management unit since inside and without anything hidden.