Automotive Wiring

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Special automotive wiring resistant to gasoline, oil and acids, its temperature range according to ISO6722 is -40 ° C to + 105 ° C continuous. Wiring manufactured with thin wall coating according to DIN 72551, but maintaining the same section of copper, allows thinner wiring harnesses. It meets the standards of many automotive manufacturers, Bosch, BMW, Fiat, VW, Ford MAN.

Designed for 4-cylinder engine installations with injection and sequential ignition, it is composed of 16 cables of 1.6mm outside diameter, they support 9 A by cable and 9 cables of 1,9 mm of external diameter, for masses, ignition coils and power to the unit, support 12 A by cable. Also includes shielded cable for the camshaft and crankshaft sensors.

Colors and installation recommendation:

  • Red, 5v TPS power supply.
  • Green / black, mass return of TPS sensor, air temperature sensor and engine temperature sensor.
  • Pink, dual fuel and ignition map or other uses.
  • Yellow, broadband probe signal.
  • Red / white, + 12V supply to the ECU.
  • White, Launch control and Cut-Off or other uses.
  • Green, output for the rev counter.
  • Brown, engine temperature sensor.
  • Gray / red, petrol pump relay.
  • Violet, potentiometer signal of the butterfly.
  • Orange, air temperature sensor.
  • Violet / black, Boost control solenoid.
  • White / black, idle valve.
  • Blue, injector.
  • Blue / black, injector.
  • Blue / red, injector.
  • White blue, injector.
  • Gray, ignition coil.
  • Red / black, ignition coil.
  • Yellow / black, ignition coil.
  • Gray / black, ignition coil.
  • 4 black wires for masses.
  • 2 shielded cables for signal of camshaft and crankshaft sensors.