Jemvey Peugeot-Citroen TU5

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KIT ITB Jenvey Dinamics para motor TU5 de Citroen y Peugeot, incluye cuatro cuerpos de acelerador ST45, colector de admisión, rampa de inyección y 4 trompetas de 90 mm de longitud.
Para saxo y 106 GTI.


Jenvey Dynamics designs, develops and manufactures fuel injection systems and intake systems since 1987. Throttle bodies introduced the early 1990s, it was a resounding success, the only problem is that engine management of the series does not allow in most cases a good adjustment, it is accompanied by an engine management like Megasquirt that allows to adjust all the parameters of the motor in the alpha-N.

The range was extended to cover the entire intake and injection system: manifolds, fuel ramp, connections and other associated parts, in 3D CAD design, tools and patterns, prototypes, casting and CNC machining and CAD / CAM. They manufacture all components, including housings, axles, Throttle bodies, levers and fuel rail. This allows close control of quality, design, research, development and confidentiality, which is essential for success in any form of MotorSport.